Our mission is to help attorneys serve 1 million clients.

We're building evident to help attorneys reach more clients and make a giant dent in the access to justice gap. It's a big, bold mission, but one that we are deeply committed to achieving. As former attorneys ourselves, we know just how important this mission is.
In today's world, customer experience is everything. So we are bringing together the tools attorneys need to create a 5-star client experience and reach more clients, with less work, and at a lower cost. Why? So you can spend more time on delivering the legal services that so many people desperately need.

Our Vision


We built evident to help people. We don't just make tools. We solve problems. We're here to make life easier for your team, so you can focus on what matters.


Our mission is our hero—not marketing buzzwords or flashy packaging. A strong mission is the foundation of our company, and it drives everything we do.